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Defining a Premium domain is part art and part science. Many times a Premium domain that seems beyond your budget for purchase, may be more than a reasonable option when considering a lease. Similar to the property market, you can often lease much more "real estate", or in this case, acquire the use of a much more "premium domain name", for a much reduced cost. Also, not every domain is of "premium value" — and we have many reasonably priced discount domains in our categories too — starting at just $500.

For larger purchase orders (>= $995), we use service for many reasons:

  • We have had successful transactions with them in the past for both the buyer and the seller.
  • They are the trusted intermediary, fair to both the buyer and seller, and have people you can reach when you call. They take the time to explain the process to you. If you are the buyer, they respect your privacy and your information will not be divulged until you make an accepted offer that would go to escrow.
  • They are the industry standard for holding the purchase funds until the domain name is verified in the purchaser's domain account.

Note, domain sales or leases include the domain name only. No website content is included. Buyer pays all escrow fees.

Our philosophy is "Doing good business will always come back to you." [Good Business Values]