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I just purchased weejee dot com from you. Thanks! I thought we could connect here. I have a social media agency — Weejee Media dot com — as well as a social learning and e-learning business. We're also starting up a new service that we'll be announcing soon.

Best regards,
Ian H.


Thanks Dean

Great service.

John B.
Yahava Koffeeworks


I've never gone through a domain transfer before so any help would be appreciated.


Russell B.
Veronica Ballestrini - Country Music singer


Thank you. Nice doing business with you.

Jeremy H.
BTC Broadband


Dear Dean,

I have always believed God has His people in the right places and after your email, it's proved all true. I am at this stage so encouraged and uplifted.

If it helps, please go to this other website to verify our ownership. If you need anything more, just let me know.

Be blessed.

Reverend Addy Kasi
For Upperview Ministries International


Dear Dean,

Thank you for participating with the Domain Buy Service in the sale of BLUEIVY.COM.

As this transaction has been completed successfully, we will be closing the ticket at this time. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact or call (480) 505-8877.

Best regards,

Thanks,, Inc.
Domain Buy Agent

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